Saturday, October 22, 2011

We Won

... catching up and patching up are poor substitutes for keeping up in the first place.  (Larsen and Hegarty, Believing In Myself, 13 October)

The President has announced that he will pull the troops out of Iraq by the end of the year.  
  • What does this mean?  
  • Does he mean all of them?  
  • Did we win the war?
  • Will we keep some presence there for the next fifty years?  
  • What about all of the material and equipment?
  • Will we move the equipment somewhere else where we need it?
  • How many millions of dollars will we spend to replace these abandoned resources?
  • Did we accomplish our mission?
  • What were we doing there in the first place?
Last night I listened to the Friday night Grand Ole Opry.  There were some good acts.  Hometown success story, Eddie Stubbs, was the announcer.  On the bill were: Jimmy Dickens, The Whites, Riders In The Sky, Mike Snynder and Mandy Barnett.

Mr. Dickie
22 October 2011

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