Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Excess Baggage

The gate into real life is narrow, and the way is difficult, so don't try to carry a lot of excess baggage.  (Warren W. Wiersbe, Chapter-By-Chapter Bible Commentary, p. 636)

This morning I got a nice surprise when I turned on the radio in the bedroom.  The radio was tuned to 105.5 FM.  This is the frequency of the  local WAMU-FM transmitter for Bluegrass Country the Internet radio station.  I'd left the radio tuned to this frequency a few weeks ago when I was testing to see if the new antenna placement would allow me to once again listen to Bluegrass music over the airways.  It didn't work very well, so I forgot about it.  Apparently they continued to make adjustments.  Now, much to my surprise, the radios in the computer room and the bedroom both pickup a fairly strong signal.

Last night I listened to a private Internet radio station in Atlanta, GA.  A retired DJ runs the station.  I listened for just over an hour.  There are no commercials.  He mentions the station name from time to time between the songs.

Mr. Dickie
12 October 2011

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