Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Existence Of Mankind

"Some day science may have the existence of mankind in it's power, and the human race [may] commit suicide by blowing up the world."  (Henry Adams in The Promise Of A New Day, Casey and Vanceburg, 18 October)


I regret that I converted some of my music files to the WMA format rather than the MP3 format.  The MP3 format works nicely with Spotify, Google Music and  I found and installed a program that converts from WMA to MP3.  It converted several files without any problem.

I needed to convert a Powerpoint slide show to a PDF file.  My first attempt using Google Docs didn't work properly.  On some slides the footer text moved up into the text of the slides.  Last night I found an online conversion program which accomplished the task.  Today I'll upload the slide show to the computer club website.

If you are interested in recording the streaming audio from some Internet radio stations take a look at StreamWriter.  There are over five thousand stations in the list the program can access.  It's possible to record from more than one station at a time.

Mr. Dickie
26 October 2011

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