Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I can resist reality and suffer pain or peacefully accept what I cannot change.  (In God's Care, 11 October)

Quite a few of the music files I have on my computer are in the WMA format of Microsoft.  Too late I realized that this format doesn't work with: Spotify, Google Music or Box.net.  Yesterday I downloaded and installed a free program called Switch that will convert WMA files to MP3 files.  I used the program to modify the songs in three albums.

Melva and I decided to have two of her three sewing machines fixed.  Both are Singers.  One needed a routine tune up.  The other had two broken gears.  I bought this machine for Melva around the time we got married.  We had the broken gears replaced with gears whose designed has been modified.  The technician stated that the new design seems to have eliminated the frequent problems with the original design.  Now she has so many sewing machines she won't know which one to use.

Mr. Dickie
25 October 2011

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