Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Update

Yesterday I skipped posting to my two blogs. Today I'm posting directly. Usually I write the posts with a text editor and then upload the posts from the file folder of the editor.

I connected my camera to the laptop with a short cable this morning for the first time. That went well. Without copying the photos from the camera to the computer I was able to upload several photos to my Facebook wall. I hadn't tried this before. One of the photos was a kaleidoscope of an Iris in our backyard. The kaleidoscope was created using the photo editor installed on the camera. One of the photos was of a butterfly on a weed in our backyard. I took this photo for Melva yesterday. I used the camera editor to crop the photo before I uploaded to Facebook.

Long time genealogy friend, Darlene Bacon, is sharing some tombstone photos that she and her husband took several years ago at a cemetery in Monroe county, Ohio. The photos are available to collaborators in a Photos folder on my account. Darlene is the first person I granted Editor status to any of my folders. We are both learning as we go.

Mr. Dickie
12 Jun 2011

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