Friday, June 10, 2011


Photo: Mr. Dickie - Lewes, DE to Cape May, NJ ferry

Before the breakthrough was made, we know there was a daring dream, mental dedication, and usually plenty of drudgery. (Larsen and Hegarty, Believing In Myself, 9 May)

Be willing to have it so; acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune. (William James in The Book Of Choices by Mike Magee, M.D., p. 239)

Every step of ... life offers new opportunities. (Larsen and Hegarty, Believing In Myself, 26 May)


I installed Gmail as a application on the Google Chrome browser. I also created about a dozen bookmark tabs. This allowed me to read and write Email on the new computer for the first time. This is my first experience with the Chrome browser. I'm reading several chapters about it in a "For Dummies" book I checked out of the library.

This morning I typed this blog entry directly into Mr. Dickie's Blog while signed on to the new laptop. On the old computer I always typed the posting with EditPadLite and then uploaded it to Blogger. I haven't installed EditPadLite on the new computer.

Mr. Dickie
10 June 2011

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