Thursday, September 16, 2010

Keep Calm

Do not become encumbered by petty annoyances. Never respond to emotional upsets by emotional upset. Try to keep calm in all circumstances. Try not to fight back. Call on the grace of God to calm you when you feel like retaliating. (Twenty-Four Hours a Day, 4 September) 16/Sep/2010 10:35


Yesterday a county crew was here replacing stolen street signs and putting up two larger Stop signs and a new 25 mph sign. I don't expect the Stop signs will have any affect. The residents on the two streets involved were running the Stop signs again a few minutes after the truck left the neighborhood. In the past we have asked the police to give a few tickets for exceeding the speed limit and running the Stop signs. They have never done that in over thirty years. We are just lucky that there has never been a serious accident or injury.

Mr. Dickie
16/Sep/2010 10:39

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