Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Credit Union Business

A popular government is not a government of a majority, by a majority, for a majority of the people. It is a government of the whole people, by a majority of the whole people under such rules and checks as will secure a wise, just, and beneficent government for all the people. (William H. Taft)


Yesterday I was on Capitol Hill visiting the Library of Congress Federal Credit Union. I took the Orange subway line. I used the plastic Smartrip card to pay for the subway ride and the bus ride up the hill at the end of the trip. Riding the subway and visiting the Madison Building brought back many fond memories of the days when I worked at The Library. I was at The Library picking up a letter from Cyndi. Her place of work in two blocks away from the Ballston station, also on the Orange line. I took the train to Ballston and hand-delivered the letter to Cyndi in front of her office building. It was a perfect fall day to be out moving around in the city.

Today, I called the Credit Union because I needed help to get signed on to our accounts using the computer. This is part of my plan to consolidate and simplify our banking business. I was surprised when I learned that the lady helping me was located at their administrative office which is about a mile from the house. She told me that I can come to that location to make deposits. I think this will be very convenient as I shutdown some accounts with banks that no longer serve us well. It's important, to me, that whatever process I chose be simple and easy to negotiate.

Mr. Dickie
22/Sep/2010 13:28

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