Monday, September 20, 2010

Do Not Pollute

Do not pollute the land where you are. (Numbers 35:33 in The Word On Life by Sortor and McQuade)


Yesterday I went for an afternoon walk in the neighborhood. I walked two laps at the bottom of the hill, on Garrison Road. Most of the time I was the only one outside doing anything. I suppose most were watching the Redskins football game. Well, we all should follow doctor's orders and participate in some athletic activity.

I'm trying to devise a method of producing PDF documents using the output from my Descend genealogy report program that reads my PAF 2.31 files. The goal is to find a way to do this that doesn't require too many complicated steps and that allows me to keep the every name index. It appears that I can do it if I use the free TextMaker program to create the PDF.

Mr. Dickie
20/Sep/2010 9:52

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