Saturday, September 25, 2010


I have sometimes heard men say politics must have nothing to do with business, and I have often wished that business had nothing to do with politics. (Woodrow Wilson) 25/Sep/2010 8:31


During the recession our Chevy Chase Bank was bought out by Capital One. It's too early to tell whether this will be to the customers advantage or disadvantage. Recently the name change inside and outside of the bank's branches was completed. They also switched from the old bank website to the new bank website. This week I made the website cut-over myself and added a button for the website to my browser toolbar. It will take a while to adjust to the new pages. Not yet completed are the issuance of new bank cards and replacement of checks.

I also added a toolbar button to access the credit union website which I hadn't been using. I had to call to get help before I could get signed on.

Last night I worked for about an hour to gain access to the website of our insurance company. This is another website that I hadn't been accessing.

All of this is part of my effort to see if I can take advantage of having instant access to help me to better manage our family financial business. It remains to be seen if I will have the personal discipline to learn how each site works and then avail myself of the available services. I anticipate that some memory issues will have an impact on how successful all of these changes will be. I think that anything I can learn to use will be better than how I have been operating.

Mr. Dickie
25/Sep/2010 8:44

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