Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thriftstore Shopping

The tragedy of life is that people who hold different views very often finish up disliking not each others' views, but each other. It should be possible to differ with a man and yet remain friends. (William Barclay, the Letters to the Galatians and Ephesians, p. 48)


On Monday we went to the 25% Off Sale at the thrift store. I found a book about creating webpages by Laura Lemay. Part of the book was about Style Sheets which interests me. Much to my dismay the price, written in grease pencil, had been rubbed off. I took the book to the area where they price the merchandise knowing full-well that they wouldn't price the book for me. Late yesterday I went back to the store to see if I could find the book. As I entered the store I was encouraged because there was a small sign by the door announcing that books and CDs were 50% off. I didn't find the book.

I bought five CDs and four books. The CDs I bought were: Santana - Supernatural (71 cents); Dvorak - Symphony No. 9 and Te Deum (71 cents); Tammy Wynette - The Best Of (40 cents); Beethoven - Symphony No. 9 (40 cents); Brahms and Schumann - Symphonies No. 1 (40 cents).

The four books I purchased were: Rick Steves - Italian - Phrase Book and Dictionary (40 cents), I needed this because I want to be able to read the Facebook postings of the Dalu family in Italy; William P. Young - The Shack (40 cents), I bought this one to replace a copy I gave to someone else before I read it; Mike Magee - The Book of Choices (71 cents); Thomas Kinkaide (71 cents), I may already have a copy of this one, my memory failed me.

While at the thrift store I dropped off three donation items that should have left our house long ago.

Mr. Dickie
27/Oct/2010 8:22

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