Monday, June 28, 2010

Vacation In Panama

Anger makes us stupid.
(Toni Sortor and Pamela McQuade, The Word On Life, 30 May)


Yesterday's plan to stop at the Cellphone Waiting parking lot at the airport didn't go as planned. I cut the timing on our trip to the airport too close. Just before we started to cross the bridge over the Potomac River my cellphone rang. Cyndi was already waiting for her two bags to arrive at the baggage claim area. As we rounded the curve and headed to the new terminal the phone rang again. Cyndi was at the sidewalk in front of the "C" doors. We arrived there in a couple of minutes and pulled to the curb directly in front of where she was standing. We loaded the bags, switched drivers and were on our way to Bethesda in a matter of minutes.

Cyndi showed us a DVD of one of those house hunting television shows. In the show the agent was the daughter-in-law of friends of ours in Panama. One of the three houses she showed the buyers from Philadelphia was the house of our friends.

Cyndi also started up her computer to show us all of the photos she took during her visit. She got some very good shots.

Mr. Dickie
28/Jun/2010 8:49

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