Sunday, June 27, 2010

Something To Say

... we will be ... penalized if we presume in ourselves a perfection that simply is not there. (As Bill Sees It, p. 159)


Yesterday I discovered that I can back up my Google blogs by exporting them to an XML file on my computer. Of course, I don't know anything about XML files. Apparently the main reason for doing the export is to get a copy of the blog when you want to move your blog from one place to another. I learned that I can read the downloaded file with Internet Explorer. To get started I backed up my Obituary file.

There have been several back-to-back days of temperatures in the nineties. It's so hot some of the weeds are burning up. Yesterday, for the first time this year, Melva hooked up a sprinkler to the backyard hose and we watered three different spots for twenty-five minutes each.

Today Cyndi returns from a sixteen day trip to Panama. This morning she called her mother several times from the airport in Panama. She will change planes in Miami and arrive at Washington National around 3:30 p.m. if all goes well.

Montgomery County, Maryland, where Cyndi lives, is just to the west of our county. They always brag about it being populated by affluent folks. Now one of the county leaders has announced that they have run out of money. They can no longer rent portable toilets for use in the parks. This reminds me of the old expression, "We were so poor, we didn't have a pot to pee in." This leader has suggested that citizens sign up to sponsor one or more porta-pottys. She stated that you can have a memorial plaque attached to the potty you sponsor. What would you like your plaque to say? I thought up a slogan for the sponsorship campaign, "Sponsor a Loo for a Poo."

Wages are down, jobs are lacking. In the Washington, DC area many people travel long distances on the busses and subway of the Metro system to get to and from low paying jobs if they have them. Starting today huge fare increases go into effect. Isn't this asking folks who most need public transportation to shoulder the burden of keeping this mismanaged and money loosing system running? Go figure!

We used the gas discount offer from Giant grocery and Shell Oil for the first time yesterday. After spending $200.00 at Giant we had 200 points. This could be used to get a 20 cents per gallon discount on a one-time gas purchase. I filled the Toyota Camry with $35.00 worth of gas and received a discount of $2.63. No wonder all eight pumps at the station were occupied. I wasn't too surprised when I wasn't able to make the system work at the pump. I went inside and the clerk didn't have any trouble helping me.

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