Monday, September 1, 2014

What Makes You Happy

Latest Hibiscus, before planting - Photo by Melva

When we expect other people and material things to make us happy, we will always be disappointed.
(Perry Tilleraas, The Color Of Light, 7 February)

Today Melva and I attended the annual Labor Day event at the Catholic Church near the Hilltop Shopping Center in Bowie.  I looked for books and CDs at the book sale table.  Afterwards we went to the Bake Sale and Bingo in the church basement.  Our friends, Gary and Blandina Snellings and their daughter, Rosanna were in the basement when we arrived.  That was a nice surprise.  Melva played some Bingo and I watched the people.  We had a nice time even though it was very hot while we were outside at the book sale.

Dick Henthorn 
1 September 2014

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