Monday, September 15, 2014


Norfolk, VA
Photo by Mr. Dickie

Every day should be a cause for celebration. By celebrating the gift of life, you protect your heart from the dangers of pessimism, regret, hopelessness and bitterness.
(100 Days Of Prayer For Women, p.203)
The other day we went to the double thrift store on New Hampshire Avenue.  CDs at both stores were priced at $1.91.  I didn't discover until I got to the checkout that the second place had a sale, "buy four and get one free." I hope I didn't buy any duplicates.

I bought:
  1. Corel Gallery Magic (2 disc of images)
  2. Mary Chapin Carpenter - Party Doll
  3. K.D. Lang - Invincible Summer
  4. Patty Loveless - Dreamin' My Dreams
  5. Washington National Cathedral - Centennial Celebration
  6. Brooks & Dunn - The Greatest Hits Collection II
  7. Brooks & Dunn - Hillbilly Deluxe
  8. Nickel Creek - Why Should The Fire Die?
  9. Chely Wright - The Metropolitan Hotel
I also remembered to download my weekly free music allotment from the county library Freegal service.  This time I selected Johnny Rodriguez - Desperado, A Decade of Hits.

I'm in music lovers heaven.

Mr. Dickie
15 September 2014

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