Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's Hard To Finish

[This] ... is precisely the difficulty in life. It is easy to begin; it is hard to finish. The one thing necessary for life is staying-power, and that is what so many people lack. (William Barclay, The Letters To Timothy, p. 241)

... we need to applaud our own progress (it's likely no one else will). (Casey and Vanceburg, The Promise Of A New Day, 19 May)

There is no satisfaction in all the world like knowing that we have done our best. (William Barclay, The Letters To Timothy, p. 241)


This week I have been working on a couple of projects for the Monroe County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society (MCC-OGS). I removed a Bing search box, that wasn't working, from the homepage. I replaced it with a search box from Google that seems to work fine. I regret that I took so long to accomplish this task.

I'm also setting up a Facebook "Page" for the MCC-OGS. This will, for the first time, allow people who are willing to join Facebook to exchange queries and information in a timely manner. I completed most of the preliminary work yesterday. Next we need to establish a co-administrator, install the chapter logo, and announce the creation of the "Page" on the chapter website. I'm looking forward to finding out whether this will be something that people are interested in using.

Mr. Dickie
13 August 2011

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