Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bookmarking With Delicious

This is a brand new shining day and I have it in my power to make it a good one just by the way I think about it and what I do with it. (One Day At A time In Al-Anon, 23 November)


I'm starting to gather the books I want to read next year in my daily reading program. I hope I can find the ones I stored in the basement.

Yesterday I added a few bookmarks to my Delicious bookmark collection. It had been some time since I added four bookmarks on the same day. These pointed to obituaries for members of my Henthorn family. I also included the obituaries in my RootsMagic genealogy file. If you are a member of my maternal or paternal family and have information about recent events that should be added to the genealogy file, I'd like to hear from you.


Mr. Dickie
28/Nov/2010 8:52

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