Monday, November 29, 2010


If you think you should be running the whole show, you'll probably end up with nothing to show for it. (Mr. Dickie, after As Bill Sees It, p. 320, 25 Nov 2010)


Yesterday afternoon Cyndi and I took the Orange line of the subway to the Eastern Market station. We walked down 8th Street past all of the businesses. We walked past the Marine Corps Barracks before we stopping just before passing under I-395. We could see the Navy Yard at the end of 8th Street. Next we went to the outdoor flea market at Eastern Market. Cyndi knew one of the vendors who was selling t-shirts he had designed. He owns a clothing consignment shop in Bethesda.

Next we walked up Pennsylvania Avenue towards the Library of Congress and the Capitol. We stopped to eat lunch at The Hunan where I have attended many promotion and retirement parties in the past. It was Cyndi's first visit. They served us both a very nice meal. Cyndi brought food home for Melva to eat after work.

We took several photos with my camera at the Neptune Plaza in front of the Thomas Jefferson building of the Library of Congress.

When we were ready to go home we used the Capitol South subway station

I thought we had a great time doing some father / daughter bonding and getting in a nice long walk at the same time.

Mr. Dickie
29/Nov/2010 8:06

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