Friday, June 5, 2015

You Have Forgotten This

When you are troubled about anything, you have forgotten this, that all things happen according to the universal nature, and that a man's wrongful act is nothing to you; and further you have forgotten this, that everything which happens always happens so, and will happen so, and now happens so everywhere; forgotten this too, how close is the kinship between man and the whole human race, for it is a community, not of a little blood or seed, but of intelligence. And you have forgotten this too, that every man's intelligence is a god, and is an efflux of the deity; and that nothing is a man's own, but that his child and his body and his very soul come from the deity, that everything is opinion, and lastly, that every man lives the present time only, and loses only this.
(Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Chapter XII, 26)
5 June 2015

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