Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Old Cape Henry Lighthouse, Norfolk, VA
Photo by: Mr. Dickie

In general, we keep our power when we protect the power of others.
(Thomas Moore, Care Of The Soul, p., 126)

One of the marks of mental health is the degree to which people realize that they have control over their own lives and exercise that power to choose.
(Dr. Henry Cloud, The Secret Things Of God, p. 204)

... I have choices and may make whatever decisions I desire in my best interests, provided those decisions do no harm another person.
(Hope For Today, 18 May)

No man can hinder you from living according to the reason of your nature; nothing will happen to you contrary to the reason of universal nature.
(Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Chapter VI, 58)

17 June 2015

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