Thursday, August 28, 2014

I Don't Know

Arrogance is a sign of ignorance. The more significant you think you are, the less open to change and learning you will be. People who think they know it all really know very little. The more you learn the more you realize how much you don't know.
(Sandra A. Crowe, When Strangling Isn't An Option, p. 192)

Today is a "big" day at our house. Yesterday the plumbers were here to replace the washing machine cutoff valves in the laundry room. Today we expect to take delivery of a new washing machine. This wasn't an easy purchase. We spent many weeks making our decision. Sometimes the Internet is very helpful for pre-purchase research. In the case of washers, not so much. There are many unfavorable reviews and some noisy videos. It's not your Mother's Maytag any more folks!

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Dick Henthorn
28 August 2014

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