Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013 & Happy New Year 2014

Peace of the World

As evening drew on, hearts beat fast with anticipation, hands were full of ready gifts . ...  The night was past and the morning was come, the gifts were given and received, joy and peace made a flapping of wings in each heart, there was a great burst of carols, the Peace of the World had dawned, strife had passed away, every hand was linked in hand, every heart was singing.
(D.H. Lawrence)


Cyndi continues to look for work.  Two days a week she is Online Communications & Marketing Intern, Green Business Network at GreenAmerica.


Melva suffers from a condition called Dupuytren's Contracture which causes a growth on the tendons in the palm of her hands.  Years ago she had an operation on her left hand for this condition.  This year the problem was becoming quite annoying on the little finger of the right hand. The doctor she went to see, for a second opinion, suggested that she let him use a procedure that doesn't require surgery.  She decided to follow his recommendation.  She is happy to report that the results were very successful.

Melva continues to attend quilting class on Fridays at the Bowie Senior Center.  The class members participated in the annual Christmas Bazaar at the Center again this year.  They took in approximately $1500 which will be donated to the Bowie Food Pantry.

Melva made two lap quilts she wanted to send to Panama.  She was very upset when a baby quilt she sent earlier never arrived. Her brother, Julio, contacted us from the home of his wife's relatives here in Maryland.  We were surprised to learn that they were only two and a half miles from our house. We went to lunch at The Alamo Restaurant in Riverdale, MD. Afterwards we asked them to take the two quilts back to Panama with them.


Dick continues to enjoy attending the Bowie Seniors Computer Club twice a month at the Bowie Senior Center.  He helps with the maintenance of their website and with posting the schedules for the computer classes that are offered at the Center.  Members of the club serve as the instructors.

Dick enjoys staying in touch with former co-workers, family, genealogy friends, friends from days on AOL and new friends made because he is a member of the Facebook community.

Dick also continues to assist the Monroe County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society with their website and with their Facebook Page.

Dick's latest project is the HenthornFamily Wiki which he uses to share genealogy information and to learn about how Wikis work. In the course of developing this project he learned how to use the RootsWeb FreePages.  Did you know that you can post your own information on the Wiki?  If you are interested in trying this contact Dick.

Dick continues to maintain his interest in blogging.  He has four blogs on Google two of which he uses for genealogy. The other two: Mr. Dickie's Blog and Arrow Prayers he tries to update on a daily basis. Mr. Dickie's Blog is on an automatic feed to Dick's Facebook page. From any of the blogs you can navigate to the others using the sidebar links in the green area on the right of the screen.

We appreciate 
  • the visits, 
  • the phone calls, 
  • the fun on Facebook 
  • the many kindnesses shown throughout the year
  • the Christmas cards and letters.

The Henthorns
Dick, Melva and Cyndi
25 December 2013

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