Saturday, July 10, 2010

Let It Rain

President Grover Cleveland

Every citizen owes to the country a vigilant watch and close scrutiny of its public servants and reasonable estimate of their fidelity and usefulness. (Grover Cleveland, The Wit and Wisdom of Our American Presidents, Roy Wetherington, p. 44)


This morning we received some very much needed rain. It's probably going to be too little, too late. We will take what we can get.

Yesterday I did some photo editing using the edit capability of my camera. Any altered photo is saved with another name. I cropped some photos and added borders to others.

I went for a walk in the neighborhood yesterday. That didn't work out too well. I picked up and threw away many copies of the county "junk" paper. Then I noticed some vision issues and later on I had a slight headache. I'm pretty sure the bending irritates my bad back and this in turn causes the headaches. We all must learn to operate within our limitations. Easier said, than done.

Mr. Dickie
10/Jul/2010 7:53

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wetheringt9271 said...

Thank you for quoting from my book. I am working on several others with similar passages and little known information.
Roy Wetherington