Thursday, July 22, 2010

Have A Plan

It is intelligent to have a plan, but neurotic to fall in love with it. (Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Staying On The Path, p. 120)


I took a short walk yesterday. On one street there are at least four cars without tags sitting in driveways. One is in a bag. Just around the corner there is another house with three untagged cars sitting beside the house. A couple of houses down the street there is a pickup truck full of junk parked on the street. This truck has valid tags, but it is never driven. If you live in a county that stays on top of this kind of situation, give thanks.

The Obama administration was embarrassed by over-reacting to some video clips of a speech made some time ago. The African-American lady who made the speech appeared to be racist because the clips were shown out of context. In a blatant case of "reverse racism" the White House demanded that the Secretary of Agriculture ask her to resign. He got in a hurry and forced her to resign without allowing her an opportunity to defend herself. Later, when the entire speech was aired and the lady was interviewed it became apparent that the administration had over reacted, turning a molehill into a mountain. In a way it is comical that the first black president is demanding black people to resign from their jobs.

Melva and members of her quilting class are getting together for lunch today. They chose Thursday because Melva doesn't work on that day anymore.

On the 19th I made the 600th posting to my Henthorn Genealogy News blog. I wonder how often someone finds all of those pages. It's somewhat difficult to avoid posting the same information twice. I try to discipline myself to take the time to check what's already posted. My memory isn't good enough to allow me to recall what's already available. It's wonderful that Google provides this free space where I can share the information I've accumulated over the years. I like being able to quickly and easily post information I want to share. Much of what I post probably isn't available anywhere else.

I bought three HP thumb drives on sale at Staples. I don't think my old computer will recognize them. Bummer!

This morning I finished reading "Staying On The Path," by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Each page of the book has from one to three quotations from the speeches and writings of Dr. Dyer. You can open the book at random to any page and find at least one thought provoking item. I enjoyed reading the book. It was fifty-cents, well spent.

Mr. Dickie
22/Jul/2010 8:58

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