Wednesday, October 22, 2014


When circumstances have compelled you to be a little disturbed, return to yourself quickly, and do not continue out of tune longer than the compulsion lasts; for you will be more the master of the harmony by continually returning to it.
(Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Chapter VI, 11)

Yesterday, for the first time in months, I uploaded a 62-page genealogy PDF to my Box account. When I Previewed the file on Box I got a surprise.  The text was a mess.  The Preview used a font I didn't like and inserted blanks (spaces) between words.  I downloaded the file and opened it with Adobe Reader on my computer.  No problem.  I Previewed some PDFs that I uploaded months ago and they looked all right.  I sent a message to the Box Help Desk along with a link to the file in question.  I'm going to be disappointed if they can't explain and fix this issue.  Things are always changing and there's always more to learn.

Dick Henthorn
22 October 2014

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