Monday, November 4, 2013

It's Too Much

People are losing faith in the ability of our leaders to govern. There is:

  • Too much secrecy
  • Too little privacy
  • Too many lies
  • Too many unnecessary wars
  • Too many corporate tax breaks
  • Too many tax increases
  • Too much election corruption
  • Too much election district gerrymandering
  • Too little participation of the American public in the process of governing 
  • Too few jobs
  • Too low minimum wage
  • Too easy access to guns
  • Too many guns
  • Too little access to health care insurance
  • Too much cancer, heart disease, Aids, and obesity
  • Too many unnecessary surgeries
  • Too many dying cities
  • Too many illegal immigrants
  • Too much pork barrel spending
  • Too many bridge to nowhere projects
  • Too little infrastructure maintenance
  • Too many water main breaks
  • Too many power outages
  • Too many bridges in poor repair
  • Too many domestic terrorist killings
  • Too much talking and texting while driving
  • Too much drug use
  • Too many red light and speed cameras
  • Too much delay in filling top level Presidential appointments
  • Too much delay in filling all government jobs
  • Too much political talk with little action
  • Too many filibusters 
  • Too many under-educated children and adults
  • Too little Christian religion
  • Too many government projects that fail
  • Too little compromise in the houses of Congress
  • Too many members of Congress who have been in office too long
  • Too few viable political parties 
  • Too little accountability

When you get right down to it, it's all just Too Much!

Mr. Dickie
4 November 2013

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