Friday, August 17, 2012

This Way / That Way

Addiction is a disease of amnesia. (Jane Velez Mitchell, Addict Nation, p. 253)

Only those who know their weaknesses can be tolerant of the weaknesses of their neighbors. (Leo Tolstoy, A Calendar Of Wisdom, 30 July)

If we were to subject every prison inmate to psychiatric scrutiny the category of intermittent rage disorder would begin to look very real indeed. (Ratey & Johnson, Shadow Syndromes, p. 148)

Free will must lead to freedom. (A Course In Miracles, Chapter 3, VI, 11, 3)

How much precious thinking time we waste, fretting over past mistakes and missed opportunities. (One Day At A Time In Al-Anon, 13 April)

Don't let worries about tomorrow rob you of the pleasure of today. (Rick Hamlin in Daily Guideposts - 2010, 10 May)

Trench points out that a witness must satisfy three essential conditions.

  1. He must have seen with his own eyes that of which he tells.
  2. He must be absolutely honest so that he repeats with accuracy that which he has heard and seen.
  3. He must have the ability to tell what he has to say, so that his witness may make its true impression on those who hear.

(William Barclay, The Revelation Of John, Vol. 1, p. 140)
17 August 2012

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