Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Less and Less

The years have a way of taking our ideals away of making us satisfied with less and less, of lowering our standards, of accustoming us to defeat. (William Barclay, The Letters To Timothy, p. 245)


I hard another tooth break last night. Today, I'm trying to make an appointment with my dentist. This has happened several times in the past. I can't concentrate of anything else until I get the problem fixed.

Yesterday I noticed that I have posted 700 times to my genealogy blog. There's lots of information available on the blog. When I noticed the count of postings I was prompted to take a look at the other three blogs as well.

  • Genealogy blog - 700
  • Obituaries blog - 280
  • Arrow Prayers blog - 1912
  • Mr. Dickie's blog - 1114
  • Total posts - 4006
Mr. Dickie
6 July 2011

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