Saturday, July 2, 2011

Google Chrome

[Today I will] ... look at something in my behavior or attitude that might be stopping me from reaching one of my goals. (Eric V. Copage, Black Pearls, 15 June)

I've been using the Google Chrome browser for the first time. I like the simple design. Yesterday I added a "TAG" button. This will allow me to quickly post new bookmarks to my Delicious bookmark account. Did you know you can access my bookmarks from your computer. There are bookmarks for sites to see in Washington, DC and for many pages of genealogy information.

I also have a BlogThis button that allows me to quickly post a link to any of my four Google blogs.

At the bottom of my Facebook "Info" page there is a place where I can list links to websites I want to share with Facebook friends. Yesterday I discovered that even though it appears that the number of lines is open-ended, it really isn't. Only five URLs display after I save the page. I added a link to Delicious in case someone on Facebook wants to easily find my bookmarks.

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