Sunday, November 1, 2015


2015 Washington, DC Orchid Show

A clear light seems to fall upon us all -- when we open our eyes. Since blindness is caused by our own defects, we must first deeply realize what they are. Constructive meditation is the first requirement for each new step in our spiritual growth.
(As Bill Sees It, Day 10)

I didn't do any blogging, or daily reading, this week.  I needed an attitude check

I'm pleased to report that I finally figured out why I couldn't make all of the songs in a Box account folder play sequentially.  They made changes in the appearance of Box and I fell behind.  It turned out to be something simple to fix.  Click on the Gear, then turn on Auto-play. There are many music files on my Box account which I can now enjoy listening to in the background while doing genealogy or while spending time on Facebook.

Dick Henthorn 
1 November 2015

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