Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Do not draw inferences in excess of what first appearances report. Suppose it has been reported to you that a certain person speaks ill of you. This has been reported; but that you have been injured, that has not been reported.
(Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Chapter VIII, 49)


I'm going nuts this morning. I reviewed my checkbook stubs for 2014 and created a list of all the donations we made. Next, I policed up all of the incoming envelopes from the charities we support.  I compared the list to the envelopes.  I wanted to see how many of these agencies ask us to join more than once a year.  I don't suppose I should be surprised that almost all of them sent membership letters more than once a year.  Some went so far as to also send end of year fund drive letters.  My paper shredder was on the verge of over-heating. Each year I seem to be more upset about this.  One way to put a stop to it would be to discontinue all support.  They probably aren't concerned that I might chose to do that.

Dick Henthorn
14 January 2015

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