Monday, June 18, 2012


Overpopulation is the underlying problem and common thread that runs through all of the other social problems, like malnutrition and disease. (Jane Velez-Mitchell, Addict Nation, p. 196)

I've been working on a project to learn more about the Yahoo photo storage application - Flickr.  I've created photo "sets" for two of my recent photo shoots.  I think reader might like how easy it is for me to share links to the photos using Flickr.

On 9 June 2012 while we were in Norfolk, VA for the weekend we attended OpSail 2012.  I had a great time taking photos of the tail ships.

OpSail 2012

Melva's quilting class, Sharing The Love Quilters, which meets at the Bowie Senior Center in Bowie, MD  mounted a quilt show at the center which officially started on 15 June 2012.  I went to the center a day early to take photos of the exhibit.

Sharing The Love Quilters

Mr. Dickie
18 June 2012

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